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ICMR-CRME is merged with ICMR-VCRC Pudhucherry.  Now it is ICMR-VCRC-Field Station, Madurai.  This website will be closed on 31st December 2017.

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CRME library continued to provide assistance to scientific documentation activities, web-based on line retrieval through Internet, offline and other services. CRME IP authenticated website like J-GATE PLUS and ICMR e-consortia (for e-journals like Science, Lancet, BMJ, NEMJ and Nature) along with other various websites like PubMed, PubMed Central, BioMed Central, IndMED, MedIND, Cochrane library software and www.freeiournals.com support online information retrieval for the scientists particularly for the retrieval of all scientific articles. Special reprints under SDI were sent to CRME scientists, on their request. Paper clippings and other information relevant to vector-borne diseases were sent to all Scientists with special emphasis on Zika virus and vector biology aspects. LAN facilities are utilized for information interchange among the scientists of CRME. The database, “Medline” was also used for Offline information retrieval. “End-Note” and “Reference Manager” are being used for scientific publications and updating for bibliographic works. GLAS library automation software and document finding system to locate the available documents in short period of time is in use for overall management of library. CRME reprints are being digitalized. The statistical software SPSS ver.15 and SYSTAT ver.12 is in use to analyse scientific data of different research activities. Regular photocopying services have been continued to provide the copies of valuable scientific information to library users and also for the preparation of reports / project proposals related to CRME. The library is having approximately 2,100 volumes of books and bound volumes of journals in addition to 9 new books procured this year. In addition, 15 nos. of recent national and international journals are renewed this year which can be utilized by Scientists for their routine research. Apart from these materials, the library is having a rich collection of annual reports, audio-visuals, CD ROM, gratis book materials, photographs, reprints, slides, theses, etc. Various articles published on dengue, Japanese encephalitis and filariasis were indexed and abstracted into various categories like title, author, subject and year from the year of publication to till date. They are also digitized for the easy access of end user’s.

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