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  1. Arunachalam N, Samuel PP, Hiriyan J, Rajendran R and Dash AP (2005) Short report: observations on the multiple feeding behavior of Culex tritaeniorhynchus (Diptera: culicidae), the vector of Japanese encephalitis in Kerala in southern India The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 72: 198 - 200
  2. Das BP, Sharma SN, Kabilan L, Lal S and Saxena VK (2005) First time detection of Japanese encephalitis virus antigen in dry and unpreserved mosquito Culex tritaeniorhynchus Giles, 1901 from Karnal district of Haryana state of India Journal of Communicable Diseases 37: 131 - 133.
  3. Hannah Brown (2005) The Lancet’s tsunamis coverage and treating the injured and burying dead. Comment : For India - Dash AP, Raja Sabapathy S, Sulochana D Das, Lalitha Hari, Oommen John (2005) The Lancet 365 : 202-205.
  4. Kabilan L, Balasubramanian S, Keshava SM and Satyanarayana K (2005) The 2001 dengue epidemic in Chennai Indian Journal of Pediatrics 72: 919 - 923
  5. Mani TR, Arunachalam N, Rajendran R, Satyanarayana K and Dash AP (2005) Efficacy of thermal fog application of deltacide, a synergized mixture of pyrethroids, against Aedes aegypti, the vector of dengue Tropical Medicine and International Health 10: 1298 - 1304.
  6. Murty US, Kumar DS, Rao MS, Reuben R, Tewari SC, Hiriyan J, Akiyama J and  Akavaram D. (2005): Rapid identification of female Culex mosquito species using Expert system in South East African region. Bioinformation 1: 40-41.
  7. Rajavel AR, Natarajan R, Munirathinam A and Vaidyanathan K (2005) The larval habitat of Verrallina lugubris and chaetotaxy of field-collected larvae Journal of American Mosquito Control Association 21: 96-97.
  8. Tewari SC, Arunachalam N and Dash AP (2005) Community based integrated control system for dengue. Comment: A new strategy in dengue control. The Lancet 365: 551-552 (Online)
  9. Thenmozhi V, Kabilan L, Samuel PP and Dash AP (2005) Short Communication: detection of dengue virus antigens in desiccated mosquitoes: an improved tool for surveillance. Tropical Medicine and International Health 10: 187 - 189
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