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  1. Paramasivan R, Sivaperumal R, Dhananjeyan KJ, Thenmozhi V and Tyagi BK (2006) Prediction of 3-dimensional structure of salivary odorant-binding protein-2 of the mosquito Culex quinquefasciatus, the vector of human lymphatic filariasis. In Silico Biology 7: 1 - 6.
  2. Paramasivan R, Thenmozhi V, Hiriyan J, Dhananjeyan KJ, Tyagi BK and Dash AP (2006) Serological and entomological investigations of an outbreak of dengue fever in certain rural areas of Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu. Indian Journal of Medical Research 123 : 697 - 701
  3. Paramasivan R, Thenmozhi V, Kabilan L, Tewari SC, Arunachalam N, Dhananjeyan KJ and Tyagi BK (2006) Seroepidemiology of a focal outbreak of dengue in Tamil Nadu Indian Journal of Medical Research 124: 718 - 720
  4. Poopathi S and Tyagi BK (2006) The Challenge of mosquito control strategies: from primordial to molecular approaches Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Review 1: 51 –65
  5. Rajendran R, Sunish IP, Mani TR, Munirathinam A, Arunachalam N, Satyanarayana K, and Dash AP (2006) Community-based study to assess the efficacy of DEC plus ALB against DEC alone on bancroftian filarial infection in endemic areas in Tamil Nadu, south India Tropical Medicine and International Health 11: 851 - 861
  6. Samuel PP and Tyagi BK (2006) Diagnostic methods for detection & isolation of dengue viruses from vector mosquitoes Indian Journal of Medical Research 123: 615 - 628
  7. Sunish IP, Rajendran R, Mani TR, Dash AP and Tyagi BK (2006) Evidence for the use of albendazole for the elimination of lymphatic filariasis The Lancet Infectious Diseases 6: 125 - 126
  8. Sunish IP, Rajendran R, Mani TR, Munirathinam A, Reuben R and Dash AP (2006) Impact of single dose of diethylcarbamazine and other antifilarial drug combinations on bancroftian filarial infection variables: assessment after 2 years Parasitology International 55: 233 - 236.
  9. Sunish IP, Reuben R and Rajendran R (2006) Natural survivorship of immature stages of Culex vishnui (Diptera: Culicidae) complex, vectors of Japanese encephalitis virus, in rice fields in southern India Journal of Medical Entomology 43: 185 - 191
  10. Thangaratham PS, Jeevan MK, Rajendran R, Samuel PPand Tyagi BK (2006) Dual infection by dengue virus and Plasmodium vivax in Alappuzha District, Kerala, India Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases 59: 211 -212
  11. Thenmozhi V, Rajendran R, Ayanar K, Manavalan R and Tyagi BK (2006) Long-term study of Japanese encephalitis virus infection in Anopheles subpictus in Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu, South India Tropical Medicine and International Health 11: 288 – 293
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