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ICMR-CRME is merged with ICMR-VCRC Pudhucherry.  Now it is ICMR-VCRC-Field Station, Madurai.  This website will be closed on 31st December 2017.

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The CRME museum of mosquitoes houses a total of 91,600 vouched mosquito specimens belongs to 242 species (60% of total mosquito fauna in India), 39 genera and 34 subgenera. All the specimens are fully vouched and preserved as reference specimens for future taxonomic studies. This facility is being utilized by the students and researchers from different universities around the country for the identification of unknown specimens by comparing the vouched reference specimens of the museum. Preservation of mosquitoes was done regularly once in every three months. Apart from maintaining the specimens, the museum of CRME also offers training for mosquito identification to the post graduate, M.Phil, Ph.D scholars from various colleges and Universities of our country.

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