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ICMR-CRME is merged with ICMR-VCRC Pudhucherry.  Now it is ICMR-VCRC-Field Station, Madurai.  This website will be closed on 31st December 2017.

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List of ongoing Projects


  1. Presence of intra and inter species male in the fecundity of female Ae. aegypti, Cx. quinquefasciatus, Cx. tritaeniorhynchus, An. stephensi mosquitoes.
  2. Estimation of endemicity of dengue in Nilgiris district, Tamil Nadu.
  3. District model plan for research cum intervention project on JE/AES.
  4. To investigate the role of Anopheles subpictus along with other Japanese encephalitis vectors in JE virus transmission in Tirunelveli District.
  5. Analysis of early innate immune response against dengue virus isolated from various clinical stages of infection.
  6. Vector Surveillance for ZIKV in selected high risk areas of India.
  7. Recombinant antigens as a tool for analyzing antibody response among dengue patients to understand pathology and pathogenesis.
  8. Evaluation of Natular DT, Natular® 20EC and Natular® G30 formulations against vector mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti and Anopheles stephensi) and Natular DT against Culex spp. in Chennai city – Phase I and Phase II trial.

List of New projects


  1. Whole genome sequencing of dengue viruses and vector mosquitoes occurring in India: exploiting through genomics, proteomics and RNAomics approaches.
  2. Genetic architecture of tribal population in India and their impact of genetic predisposition to important vector borne diseases.
  3. Surveillance of Japanese encephalitis and  Acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) in Tamil Nadu
  4. Development and establishment of Wolbachia infected Anopheles stephensi.
  5. Exploring the role of Philodina roseola as a hiding source of dengue / chikungunya virus during inter-epidemic period.
  6. Surveillance of emerging and re-emerging vector borne diseases in India.
  7. Surveillance of vector & pathogen of scrub typhus in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
  8. Whole genome sequencing and comparative genomic studies of Anopheles culicifacies.
  9. Investigating the association of Plasmodium Purine salvage pathway enzymes and metabolites with severe malaria outcomes.
  10. Designing and evaluation of simple, cost effective novel ovitrap for the control of dengue/chikungunya vectors.
  11. Designing and development of novel equipment for generating germ free and gnotobiotic mosquitoes.
  12. Development and maintenance of insecticide resistance strains of Anopheles, Aedes and Culex species.
  13. Designing and evaluation of a simple, eco-friendly and cost effective Ovitrap for the control of dengue/chikungunya vectors.
  14. Comprehensive analysis of microRNA biomarkers during dengue infection.
  15. Development of a nanoparticle based rapid diagnostic assay for detecting dengue virus in mosquitoes.
  16. Establishment of mosquito research facility for controlled field experiments.
  17. Establishment of CRME Field Station at Uthagamandalam, the Nilgiris, TN for conducting research on vector borne diseases among tribal communities.
  18. Establishment of CRME Field Station at Kallur, Tirunelveli district, TN for conducting research on vector borne diseases.
  19. Establishment of a manufacturing facility for the indigenously develop aspirator for mosquito collection. (Under Prime Minister Make in India).
  20. A new eco-friendly surveillance trap (low-cost device) for annihilation of Aedes eggs in field situation.
  21. Modernization and upgradation of insectary at CRME, Madurai.
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