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Dr. Aparup Das

Date of birth : 10.11.1964

Position : Scientist ‘G’ & Director

Date of joining ICMR service : 01.04.2013

Date of joining in present position : 23.05.2016

Academic Qualification : M.Sc., Ph.D.

Discipline : Genetics - Population Genetics

Dr. T. Mariappan, Ph.D.

Designation:  Scientist 'F'
Date of Birth :08.01.1956
Date of Joining:31-10-1979
Date of joining present post:01-09-2014
Discipline: Medical Entomology-Vector Biology, Ecology & Control

Dr. R. Paramasivan, Ph.D.

Designation :   Scientist 'F'
Date of Birth :06-06-1969
Date of Joining: 05-08-1993
Date of joining present post: 01-09-2015
Discipline:Microbiology (Virology)

Dr. M. Muniyaraj, Ph.D.

Designation :  Scientist 'C'
Date of Birth :07.03.1970
Date of Joining:15.10.2001
Date of joining present post:15.10.2006

Dr. P. Philip Samuel, Ph.D.

Designation:   Scientist ‘B’
Date of Birth :17.01.1961
Date of joining present post:18.07.2013

Dr. (Mrs.) V. Thenmozhi, Ph.D.

Designation :  Principal Technical Officer
Date of Birth :28.06.1962
Date of Joining:05.10.1987
Date of joining present post:01.04.2013
Discipline:Integrated Biology – Biochemistry

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