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CRME has discovered seven new species and two of the new species was classified under a new Genus which was named as Tewarius to honor the scientist of CRME. CRME has developed a simple mosquito identification keys for adult and larvae with illustrations for the first time to identify JE, dengue, filaria and malaria vectors.

S.No Year Species Place of collection Authors
1 1992 Tewarius reubenae Agastya Hills Western Ghats (TN)

Tewari & Hiriyan

2 1992 Tewarius agastyai Agastya Hills Western Ghats (TN)
3 1992 Rhinoskusea portnovoensis Portonova, Eastern Cost of (TN)
4 2004 Verallina assamensis Assam, North East  India
5 2009 Anopheles pseudosundaicus Alleppey, Kerala
6 2013 Toxorhynchites tyagii Gudalur, Nilgiris Dist.(TN) Krishnamoorthy et al.
7 2015 Toxorhynchites darjeelingensis Darjeeling, West Bengal Tyagi et.al
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